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Internet goes crazy over #YouAreOfficiallyOldIf trend. Nostalgic, right?

A #hashtag that is trending online will surely make Friday even better for you because it will bring back old memories. Especially if you are a 90s kid, you will certainly end up taking a trip down memory lane.

#YouAreOfficiallyOldIf is the hashtag in question and netizens are sharing pictures of cartoons, objects, films and other memories to remind you of how life was before internet changed the entire scenario.

Images of telephones, typewriters, cassettes and pencils found a mention in the trending hashtag.

"#YouAreOfficiallyOldIf you remember the relationship of pencils and cassettes," a user said and shared a picture of a cassette with the genre of the music written on it with a pencil. Also, a picture of the Nokia 3310 cellphone is making netizens quite nostalgic as the tweet in particular has garnered several likes.